//day 7 musings


Job Class: Crepe Master


With a successful first-two days of work behind me and a week to mark my initiative, I figured it would be a good point to stop and reflect.

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//day four


I got another job! And we got a house! It’s been a busy weekend/weekday and I am so happy that things are  moving in the right direction. At least in one avenue…

My diet and exercise are still being dragged down by my habits of travel, but I feel the desire to grow healthier stronger and stronger with each day and I’m confident with starting work tomorrow will help this by building a routine. Routine is really one of the best medicines~

One of the biggest additions to my routine will be finally being reunited with my baby girl MiWi, my beautiful Himalayan cat <3. (Yes, prepare for cat post onslaught haha) It was hard to be traveling and entrusting her to someone else’s care and although I know that she was in a fabulous home with loving people I just want her back with me. So soon we’ll be reunited which brings utter joy to my life. okay /cat rant.

I’m excited this week to also work on my yoga career by giving it my all and getting myself out there into the Asheville/Weaverville community.

Okay WordPress community – I’m ready to take this week on! Are you? Comment with what you’re going to be doing to better yourself/your life this week – I’d love to chat <3.

//day two


I feel like this picture accurately describes how I feel about day two of my Fit Fix haha. Rather than make a blog posts of excuses and stories – lets keep it simple. It was a nice enough day with some damn good food and brews.

Much love. Keep being yourself and remember tomorrow is always another day. It’s all gonna be okay. Eat some damn good pizza and drink a bomb-ass beer. Who knows what tomorrow will bring anyways.

See you soon~

//day one


Today was a bit of a rough one. You know it’s probably all in my doing too… As I’ve said before, we all go in with the best of intentions but you never know what’s going to come after the start of the race. And at my start – I had the above-picture lovely number that left me full and happy. Continue reading “//day one”

//figuring out life after leaving it for 10 months


sakura to welcome to season of change


It’s all well and good when we all leave for our travel, right? Everyone sends their wishes and suppresses their jealousy. We go around the world and forget we ever had a home as we get used to hostel life and staying out all night. The money gets drained, but we don’t care – we’re F R E E dammit and real life is a long, 12-hour plane ride away.

Then we get back.

Broke. Confused. Jobless & Homeless. Near-Alcholic.

Everyone crowds around to politely see your pictures for an hour but then they get back to their life while you sit there still coming down from the high of the experience and scared to go back out in the real world. I’d love to write a happy blog article about how to get over that slump with tips and tricks. But I can’t because currently I am this blog post…

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