//figuring out life after leaving it for 10 months


sakura to welcome to season of change


It’s all well and good when we all leave for our travel, right? Everyone sends their wishes and suppresses their jealousy. We go around the world and forget we ever had a home as we get used to hostel life and staying out all night. The money gets drained, but we don’t care – we’re F R E E dammit and real life is a long, 12-hour plane ride away.

Then we get back.

Broke. Confused. Jobless & Homeless. Near-Alcholic.

Everyone crowds around to politely see your pictures for an hour but then they get back to their life while you sit there still coming down from the high of the experience and scared to go back out in the real world. I’d love to write a happy blog article about how to get over that slump with tips and tricks. But I can’t because currently I am this blog post…

Hi – nice to meet you; I’m a mess. I left to go travel Asia back in June of 2016. I had the most amazing journey of my life and still to this day can’t believe I made it happen. I left my job as a yoga instructor and health coach in small-town Weaverville, NC thinking I’d get some of those “big questions” answered as I sat in my existential bliss under the stars on the Mekong River sipping a Chang. Although I did get some small ones answered, and actually obtained my 500-hour RYT certification in the process, I came back about two weeks ago even more confused than I left.

But I’m not here to have a pity party. I’m here to build a new career and live a mythological life (thanks Rose for forever injecting that phrase into my idioms). So let me reintroduce myself to you:

Hey there! It’s awesome to meet you – My name is Caitlin and I’m an RYT500 and a Certified Health Coach. I’m here to carve out my place on the blogosphere as a health and social commentary blogger. I’m working on the exact type of content I want to feature on this blog, but what I can promise you right now is that it will be entertaining if not just to see me bumbling around with my old-grumpy-grandpa-like talk.

Really, like everyone else I just want to be happy. And my happiness comes from helping people with their health and wellness, talking to engaging people about the current states of the world, doing my watercolor work and, honestly probably most of all, makeup. Yeah. That’s a bit of a mixed bag in terms of marketing advisors tip to ‘have one focus’ but again, work in progress right?

I want to meet people in the health blogging community. I’d like to make friends with my readers or even those who’re just passing by. And I will be chronicling my adventures in furthering my growth as a health professional.

See you soon ;D


4 thoughts on “//figuring out life after leaving it for 10 months”

  1. Welcome back amie.

    I hope the return to the grind swiftly becomes less painful for you. With a voyage like yours, it is well worth the fatigue. Take the free time to rest. Think about your next adventure and your peace of mind will resurface not long behind – as will some more stability.

    Glad you returned safely with good memories. Write down them all! How I dream to do the same and escape, without the weight of bills and this artificial life dragging my body down.

    Maybe someday soon you can tell me all about your adventures in person. I’ll live through your words just like in our freedom days.

    Be well. Stay free.


    1. Hey lovely,
      It can fell stressful and like everyone is just waiting to see me finally do something productive but… I know I need that time to rest, breath and think. Even to create some art now and then <3.

      I hope you get the chance to go and I hope the first chance you get you do. I'll always be around to give support. May you get some peace and time to yourself. I believe our paths will cross again soon.

      Miss you and much love.


    1. Hi lovely, Nice to meet you! I appreciate your comment <3. I am looking to connect with health bloggers like yourself so I would love to read yours and become friends :D. Hope we can have a good time together in this crazy blogosphere!

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