5-week Fit Fix


Ignore the totally tried-and-true name but yes ::

5-W E E K   F I T   F I X  ! !

It’s time to be accountable and take your health into your own hands !

Completely honest here – I have abused my body over my travels. If you’ve traveled as an early 20-something, you too have probably encountered the same pattern. I went out with the bests intentions, and I still had many amazing interactions with locals, deep political & social discussions with people from around the world, and saw some of the most awe-striking places this world had to offer… But when the sun goes down in Southeast Asia a slight madness can take over.

I’ll write a whole post on the chaos that was Hanoi later, but it’s safe to say in every town you could always slip into the darkness and be blinded by the light the next morning (if it was even morning when you woke up).

I did have the saving grace of ending my journey in Bali, Indonesia for a (much needed and absolutely life changing) 500hr YTT program. Living there at the shala with an organic, vegetarian café and doing physical asana practice for 2 hours 6 days a week did me an immense amount of good. Literally I felt the months of bad habits begin to melt out of my system.

And then I had to come home. Which dropped me into a big pit of confusion (see last post~) I definitely have fallen off the health train as of late which makes me feel a bit hypocritical touting how I want to rebuild a career in health and fitness.

Thus this idea was born. Exactly 5 weeks from tomorrow, the 21st, is Memorial Day. Every year boyfriend and I typically go to a beach or lake house that we split costs with his childhood friends. I have always prided myself on looking quite fit in my suit but I’m feeling pretty down about that right now.

SO! For the next five weeks I will be blogging daily my routine and diet and making weekly progress reports. It’s time to be accountable and get back to being healthy so that others can feel confident in my ability to lead and support them in their own health journey.

If you’re interested or trying to get fit as well – let’s team up! I have a health ‘club’ on Facebook that would love to have some new members to support each other/give advice. Send me a comment below and I can add you in :D.

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “5-week Fit Fix”

  1. I look forward to reading about your progress. I’m getting ready to do a juice fast and was thinking of including a journal of my progress. What do you think? You’ve inspired me. 🙂


  2. I would says go for it! Truthfully if nothing else that desire to blog out what we’ve had in a day/progress we’ve seen keeps us accountable and builds routine. I would be very interested to read about your juice fast and see what it brings for you – I myself have never tried one so it’d be nice to have the perspective on it. Again I appreciate your comments. I hope we can become friends <3. Your blog is well laid out and I appreciate the heart that I feel coming from it. I think a lot of us have similar stories to falling in to the American Standard Diet trap but also realizing we can be healthy and happy our own way <3. Much love


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