//day one


Today was a bit of a rough one. You know it’s probably all in my doing too… As I’ve said before, we all go in with the best of intentions but you never know what’s going to come after the start of the race. And at my start – I had the above-picture lovely number that left me full and happy.

But today I had an interview for a job. A waitressing job. And while I know I need to just make some money and safe while I get this whole project up and running and figure out my next step, it feels a bit disheartening when the last time I did this was in my senior year of travel. I know I should be grateful, and I am, but it’s hard to feel worth anything when you only make $2.14 an hour. So I put myself in to a bit of a pity party today and didn’t quite have the best ‘first day’ of 5-week Fit Fix that I wanted.

And I’m here to remind everyone that that’s completely okay. For anyone reading this feeling down, let me remind you that you are beautiful and capable of amazing things. Let me remind you that you are worth it and that you will find exactly what you are looking for, just believe it and the universe will provide. Let me remind you if you’re trying to get healthy that it is okay to have down days, just don’t let yourself continue it in to tomorrow, and don’t beat yourself up over having those days either!

My meals may have slipped after lunch into some woe-is-me territory. But I still feel better than the day before because I know I am moving in a positive step forward. This isn’t the first day blog I imagined I would post but like everything that is happening in this moment it is exactly where you need to be and a lesson to take from.

Tomorrow is always a new start. And I will do my best to start it off right as I hope you have the courage and strength to do too. We’re all in this together, my wellness warriors. Much love.

See you soon~


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