//day four


I got another job! And we got a house! It’s been a busy weekend/weekday and I am so happy that things are  moving in the right direction. At least in one avenue…

My diet and exercise are still being dragged down by my habits of travel, but I feel the desire to grow healthier stronger and stronger with each day and I’m confident with starting work tomorrow will help this by building a routine. Routine is really one of the best medicines~

One of the biggest additions to my routine will be finally being reunited with my baby girl MiWi, my beautiful Himalayan cat <3. (Yes, prepare for cat post onslaught haha) It was hard to be traveling and entrusting her to someone else’s care and although I know that she was in a fabulous home with loving people I just want her back with me. So soon we’ll be reunited which brings utter joy to my life. okay /cat rant.

I’m excited this week to also work on my yoga career by giving it my all and getting myself out there into the Asheville/Weaverville community.

Okay WordPress community – I’m ready to take this week on! Are you? Comment with what you’re going to be doing to better yourself/your life this week – I’d love to chat <3.


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