//day 7 musings


Job Class: Crepe Master


With a successful first-two days of work behind me and a week to mark my initiative, I figured it would be a good point to stop and reflect.

It’s a weird transition into the service industry when I’ve left it behind for nearly seven years. I always swore too that I would never go back but it was done almost blindly. I had it pretty good – waitress/bartending at 17-18 a year and a half before going to college. Sure I got yelled at and deep in the weeds a few times but overall it was a pretty smooth ride.

So it’ll be an interesting adventure into this industry again with a set of new eyes, so to speak. It was a bit fretful for me at first – I knew this day was coming from the moment I set out on a plane nearly a year ago; that eventually I would have to surrender my pride and be humble in order to get back up on my feet.

However, now that I’ve completed two days and not blown the place up with the espresso maker and have been told I’m doing good with creating crepes for only a bit of practice in my two days, I’m feeling a bit comforted. With both BF and I working industry jobs, right down the street from each other no less, and a house waiting for us when we get off it feels like we can let out a long breath we’ve been holding for 11 months. Of course this doesn’t align with either of our fields but its given us something we’ve been needing for a while – time.

The ability to craft this blog was and is an important avenue of my life. After searching online jobs too I platform it provides to transition into freelance writing jobs, something I’ve always thought longingly of doing but shied away from because of the pessimistic blathering of others.

Which levels nicely to my last point of this post – I’m going to switch my tracks a bit. I thought if I showed everyone reading this a magical transformation they’d accredit me as a health coach. But it’s not like I’m a beach body coach trying to sell you all something (no disrespect if you are~). And really, my job goal isn’t to be taking clients over the internet right now like my training intended for us graduates to do. So. For now I will not be trying to keep up with my daily posts. (And really, it’s been a wonky enough first week and BIGGEST of all – who the hell wants to read a daily blog? You’ll unsubscribe in a second if you see my name come up two posts in one on the reader. It’s just like Instagram haha.)

What I’m good at is researching and making well-informed articles with a bit of sarcastic + idiosyncratic diction/tone thrown in~ Thus I’m going to make it a goal to try and do one research based article on health a week and maybe two or three smaller posts that have a main focus of an illustration. For now I think this satisfies all the elements of what I want – the time to make quality content and building a portfolio rather than little diary posts for freelancing and my eventual application to a Dietetics program!


>> Expect some different, cool shit comin’ at you soon to learn you some on Health & Wellness! See you soon~


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