//figuring out life after leaving it for 10 months


sakura to welcome to season of change


It’s all well and good when we all leave for our travel, right? Everyone sends their wishes and suppresses their jealousy. We go around the world and forget we ever had a home as we get used to hostel life and staying out all night. The money gets drained, but we don’t care – we’re F R E E dammit and real life is a long, 12-hour plane ride away.

Then we get back.

Broke. Confused. Jobless & Homeless. Near-Alcholic.

Everyone crowds around to politely see your pictures for an hour but then they get back to their life while you sit there still coming down from the high of the experience and scared to go back out in the real world. I’d love to write a happy blog article about how to get over that slump with tips and tricks. But I can’t because currently I am this blog post…

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